Monday, 20 December 2010

20/12: Fake ODA Pins

Following investigations and a discussion with an official source, I can confirm that there are 2 fake ODA pins floating around on the pin-trading and eBay circles. These pins are not manufactured by Honav and are not made under licence. They are copies of real pins.

These pins are the Environment pin (ODA0003) and a Heath & Safety pin (ODA0004). These pins originate from China but, in my experience, seem to be appearing in North America. It appears that genuine traders are being caught by these pins, so please be careful. I have seen examples of both and in my opinion, the tell-tale signs are...

  • The text 'Be Considerate' is missing from the pin
  • The indentation around the thumb is missing
  • The top line of the backstamp says 'LOCOB'
  • The backstamp pattern is 'shallow' and uneven

  • The backstamp panel is crooked
  • The centre of the zeros in the backstamp are not cleanly punched
  • The white enamel in the hi-vis jacket is missing
  • The 'London' written in the logo is missing the initial 'L'

Some traders/sellers claim that these are 'first versions' of the ODA pins, but I have had it confirmed that there are no versions/variations of these pins. Honav have created one version of each of these pins which were for ODA internal use only.