Wednesday, 12 January 2011

12/1: Pin Bag Available

Ok, so how many of you have your pins in the drawer because you didn't have a way to display or transport them?

Finally the wait is over as the London 2012 official pin bag is now available. The first stockist I have seen with these is Glamorous Living. They are available to buy via their website - click here. They are priced at £45, so if you would like further information, contact them via their website or click here for email

With the number of pins available, maybe splitting them into more than one bag such as retail and sponsor may be the way to go, or perhaps one for a collection and one for traders?

I have used this retailer before and can confirm I had excellent service. If you contact them or decide to place an order, please let them know you found out about the bag from


Anonymous said...

I think your guidance for the number of bags needed for a 2012 collection may rather under-estimated :-)

Anonymous said...

Good point! You've just made me realise, that's another small fortune for 10 bags - and that's just the retail pins!

Coin Bazaar said...

These collector bags are currently on promotion to the end of February 2012 with additional photos to see what the bag actually looks like. Visit Under Discount Offers section on left.