Sunday, 9 January 2011

9/1: Comparison of Guards

Now that the new guards set (exclusive to British Airways at present) has been release this week, I thought I'd show a quick comparison of 3 pins that each have 3 versions.

Version 1: The pin that was release in the guards set at 3 years to go in 2009
Version 2: The pin was that released on the 'doubles' cards in October 2010
Version 3: The 'BA' version released this week

The three pins are shown below. In each photo, version 1 in on the left, version 2 in the middle and version 3 on the right.

Pins 0053, 0237 and 0416

Pins 0052, 0234 and 0417

Pins 0073, 0235 and 0418

The most obvious differences are the increased size and change of placement of the logo in the version 3 pins. However there are some subtle differences too. Look at the numbers of buttons on the sentry guard or  the number and colours of medals on the beefeater.

Feel free to add any comments below if you spot other differences. 

As those pink guards pins will be replaced with red versions as time goes on, there will be even more guards varieties to find!