Wednesday, 5 January 2011

5/1: Guard Pin Colours

Good news for all of you who think that the pink Guards pins should be red. It seems that following requests from customers, guard pins issued in future will use the red colour rather than the pink.

This will affect the pins 0051-0055 in the Guards set and also pins 0234-0237 issued in pairs on cards. Although these pins are limited to 5,000 each, not all the pins are manufactured in one go. Existing stocks of pins with retailers will be used up and then the next 'batches' produced will be in the red colour. I'm unsure about the set issued yesterday and exclusive to BA, but I think these guards are in red and so unaffected by this change.

So that means for some of the pins, there will be two varieties to collect with the pink variety being rarer than the red. I'm trying to determine the approximate numbers of each variety for each pin and once the new colours are available, I will update the catalogue.

Pin 0237 in both pink and red varieties

Update: I have confirmed that there are less than 200 of each pin issued as 'doubles' on card in late 2010. So less than 4% of the issue will be in pink. This makes this one of the rarer variations at the moment, possibly more so than the pink/purple variations on the early pins.


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