Monday, 12 September 2011

12/9: Latest Stamp Pins Issued

The final 10 stamp pins in the set of 30 have been issued (ignoring the fact that 2 pins are missing from the earlier releases at the moment).

These final 10 pins contain images of the stamps issued at the 1 year to go milestone earlier this year. The cover the sports: Sailing, Field Athletics, Volleyball, Wheelchair Rugby, Wrestling, Wheelchair Tennis, Fencing, Gymnastics, Triathlon and Handball.

Some interesting observations...

The pins are numbered 1014 to 1023, which puts us in the second half of the issue numbers with still many of the lower numbers un-issued.

The backstamp has the text TM (C) LOCOG 2009, whereas the earlier 20 stamp pins were dated 2011

The final line of the backstamp is marked 'Honav' whereas the first 20 were marked 'Royal Mail/Honav'.

Nothing earth-shatteringly important I know, but just something I noticed!

The pins are available now from the Royal Mail packaged with the corresponding stamp in a pack.