Saturday, 24 September 2011

24/9: BT 300 Day To Go Pin

BT are the first sponsor to announce a 300 day to go pin ready for 1st October. This pin follows the design of their previous pins and hopefully will be followed by more 'hundreds' countdowns.

Pin BT0006
No word on issue size for this pin at the moment.


Pippin said...

What happened to BT's 400 days-to-go pin?

Bill said...

'cos they published a 1 Year To Go Pin instead.

London Pins said...

EDF appear to be in the same position, since the 1YTG, they too have issued a 300DTG. Hopefully both sponsors (and more) will countdown the other 100's. I agree with you Pippin that in BT's case a 400 would have made a nice sequence given the 500.