Thursday, 22 September 2011

22/9: New Mascot Street Scenes

Two new ranges are being released which show Wenlock and Mandeville in a series of London street poses. The ranges have the same images, but are available in either enamel or printed versions.

There are 7 pins in each set and varieties of each are shown below.

Pin 0890 (Blue) or 0897 (White)
Pin 0891 (Blue) or 0898 (White)

Pin 0892 (Blue) or 0899 (White)

Pin 0893 (Blue) or 0900 (White)
Pin 0894 (Blue) or 0901 (White)
Pin 0895 (Blue) or 0902 (White)

Pin 0896 (Blue) or 0903 (White)

Pins are limited to 50,000 each and are priced at £5 for the blue printed variety or £6.50 for the white enamel variety. Some of these pins have had limited availablilty at John Lewis, but are now on general release.