Friday, 14 October 2011

13/10: Wellington Boot Pins

A new series of 6 pins has been issued to celebrate the Wellington Boot. Each pin shows a pair of wellies in a different pattern with a complementary London 2012 logo.

Pin 0972

My personal favourite is shown above  - the Union Flag logo, but the other 5 pins show wellies with blue spots (0973), green spots (0974) and 3 varieties of tartan (0976, 0977 and 0979).

For those of you who like pins in the full range of London 2012 colours, pink spots (0975) and another variety of tartan (0978) are still to be issued making 8 pins in total.

These pins are limited to 2,012 pieces each. I wonder if some of these may be a sell-out in a short time?

These first 6 pins are already on order at Glamorous Living.