Monday, 24 October 2011

24/10: IOC Poster and Logo Pins

At the pin meet on Saturday, Honav announced the latest set of new pins. These are a series of pins which replicate the posters and logos of previous Olympic Games. They use artwork from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Museum in Lausanne.

Pin 0735
In total there will be 27 pins in the poster set each limited to 10,000 pieces showing posters stretching back to Athens 1896 through to Beijing 2008. Each pin is printed so that the detail of each poster can be reproduced. No details of price at the moment.

Pin 0789

The logo series is a little smaller consisting of 20 pins from Paris 1924 to Beijing. These pins are enamel. The first release in this series consists of 10 pins. More will follow. This series is limited to 5,000 pieces each. Again, no word on price at the moment.

These pins are mounted on a new version of backing card. The card is themed to match the posters and contains text inside which mentions the IOC Museum

Backing Card - Front

Backing Card - Rear

Backing Card - Inside

Retailers will be receiving details of these pins this week, so please be patient if your favourite retailer doesn't have details until later this week.