Thursday, 20 October 2011

20/10: New Pantomime Pins

In readiness for the festive season, London 2012 continue their British Life series with a set of pins based on Pantomime.

The pins come as a boxed set of 6 and show a dame, princess, pantomime horse, pair of ugly sisters, a leading man and a "Oh no it isn't! Oh yes it is!" speech bubble. The packaging for this set is a little different and very well thought out. From the outside, it looks like a standard London 2012 pin set with the pink box and black lid combination. On the inside, however, the normal plain backing card has been replaced with a printed theatre curtain effect card. This sets off the pins very well indeed. Let's hope other future sets continue this idea.

The set is limited to 2,012 pieces, priced at £55 and is available now.

Pin 0988 
Pin 0989

Pin 0990

Pin 0991

Pin 0992

Pin 0993
No word on retailers yet, but feel free to post a comment when you see it on sale anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Its on sale at Glamourous but you need to go into the full list of pins to find it

Koolbadges said...

These pin badges are amazing. We would love to get hold of some for our local theatre, especially for panto season. Would make great raffle prizes.