Sunday, 22 January 2012

22/1: New LOCOG Internal Pins

At the pin meet on Saturday, 2 new internal pins were spotted.



The first, LOC0019, recognises the Catering, Cleaning and Waste team. It shows Wenlock with a mop, chef's hat, serving dish and recycling bin. I'm told there are 4 pins in this set in each colour of the logo. I'm not sure if they are all the same design or have the same backstamp number. 

The other, LOC0027, recognises the Finance team. This one shows Wenlock carrying a calculator displaying the number '2012'.

I do not know the issue sizes of either of these pins, however recently pins like this have been defined as 'Not Limited' as they could be reordered at any time.


Dave Reinhardt said...

It worries me that Wenlock's calculator has only the numbers 1 - 9. That may explain why there are so many budget issues.