Wednesday, 25 January 2012

25/1: More Pride the Lion Pins

Pride the Lion makes another appearance on two new ranges of pins. The first shows him in the original poses, but this time the pins are made in soft enamel.

Pin 1000
Pin 1001
Pin 1002
Pin 1003
Pin 1004
The second set of pins shows Pride taking on some Olympic sports such as javelin, diving, cycling, gymnastics, fencing and handball. These too are in soft enamel and limited to 80,000 pieces each.

Pin 1043
Pin 1044
Pin 1045
Pin 1046
Pin 1047
Pin 1048

All of these pins should be available later this week.


Coin Bazaar said...

Great pins and lovely design. Like the other Pride the Lion in print form that have sold very well.

The above range is now available at