Saturday, 10 November 2012

10/11: Pin Meet - 24th November - Free Pins

I'm very pleased to say that one of the most supportive London 2012 sponsors - Lloyds TSB has offered us some pins for the next meet on Saturday 24th November.

Everyone who can make it there will each receive both pins LLY0041 and 42. These were pins issued during the Olympic and Paralympic games. There's no need to sign up to get them, just ask on the day. Obviously the supply is not limitless, but there should be enough for everyone based on previous attendance.

Don't forget, we are at the Railway Tavern in Stratford, but with an earlier start time than usual. We begin at 12.30pm, so you may want to combine the meet with some lunch.

Hope to see lots of you there.


Matthew P said...

annoyed i can't make this now, would have loved one of these.

Anonymous said...

Well done again Lloyds, why can't the other sponsors step up

Sleathy said...

HI! Just a plea that if you do have any spares after the meet I would be very grateful to pay postage for them to be forwarded. Cheers!