Saturday, 17 November 2012

17/11: London 2012 Pins on M and M Direct Site

Earlier this month, a reader spotted a website selling London 2012 merchandise. Click here for the original post.

A few readers have emailed me to say that this website is now selling a few London 2012 pins too. Click here to view the 'gifts' section.

They seem to have a few venue logo pins, some venue pictograms and a couple of venue sports poses.

The irony is that the sitting volleyball pin was nowhere to be seen for the first few days of the Paralympics, then was one of the most desirable pins for a few days as people tried to find them once they were released. Now they are in the 'bargain bucket'.

If only the distribution and retail process had been a little more thought through, then the collectors would have got the pins they wanted without the frenzy and the silly prices on eBay and the retailers would not be forced to sell at knock down prices.

Perhaps this may be the website where we finally see the pins that could not be found during the Games?


Sleathy said...

FANTASTIC!!! Just bought loads of items ....2 for £5 T-shirts just can't go wrong ...

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, I just replaced my Aquatics pin that I lost at Games time for just 99p with a few other bits and pieces too.

Thank you!!!

Pippin said...

... and the white logo pin, that twice went for £238 on e-Bay when it was only available to VIPs, is now selling for just 99p.

Numanoid said...

Wow!!! just saved myself over £61 on bits and pieces. Thanks for updating us on this.

noel 9 said...

Good range of 2012 stuff, Picked up a couple of bits too. £0.99 pence pins you really can't go wrong.

Gareth said...

You can get:
10% off with the code ACW5
Free delivery with code XS24

only one code can be used.
if the codes have expired, just do a google search and youll find the latest ones