Tuesday, 13 November 2012

13/11: Requests for LTSB Pins

I've had a number of emails from people asking me to send any spare Lloyds TSB freebie pins as they cannot make it to the meet. I appreciate that the website and blog are supported by many of you who cannot easily get to London for a meet, so I'd like to help where I can.

In order to distribute the pins from Lloyds TSB as far as possible, I'm happy to send out pins to those that ask.

Once the meet in November is over I'll send out the remaining pins to those of you that send me a stamped addressed envelope. One pair to each person that writes. PLEASE DON'T SEND AN ENVELOPE JUST YET!!

Drop me an email to info@londonpins.co.uk with your name. I'll keep the emails in the order that they arrive and then when I know how many pins I have left to offer, I'll email you back with my address so you can send an envelope.

Please remember that pins in an envelope can get damaged and I don't have the time to package the pins in bubble wrap. I therefore suggest you send a padded envelope with 'Large Letter' postage. The pins are individually wrapped in cellophane, so will not scratch against each other. I cannot be responsible for pins that get lost or damaged in the post or for insufficient postage. I will not be able to offer recorded delivery or obtain certificates of postage.

Hopefully this means that more collectors will be able to share in Lloyds TSB's generosity.

Watch this space - we MAY have another sponsor who can offer some pins too. More details to follow when I can confirm.


Sleathy said...

Great! I have sent an email to you and hope to get the Pins.... Cheers!

dax said...

would love these pins hopefully u will have enough left to send out.great work securing the pins for all us collectors

Sleathy said...

HI! Are we any closer to sending our envelopes???