Sunday, 10 February 2013

10/2: Partner Pin Updates

More updates to the sponsor pins section of the catalogue this morning.

This time the are updates for the following sponsors...

  • Coca-Cola - addition of retail and joint McDonald's/Coca-Cola pins 
  • GE - additional images and pins
  • McDonald's - addition of joint McDonald's/Coca-Cola pins
with a couple of minor updates to
  • BP - additional pin
  • Deloitte - additional pin
  • P&G - relabelling of all their not Honav pins to WWL- notation
  • UPS - update to a backing card for UPS0027
Thanks to readers for a couple of these updates.


Pippin said...

Well done once again, Paul!

Out of curiosity, what proportion of all pins do you think you have catalogued to date?

Mikeyboy said...

Good effort Paul! These updates are a double-edged sword - whilst it's nice to see all the new designs, it makes me realise just how many more I need to collect!

Anthony said...

I think we're nearly there with the sponsor pins. I imagine the odd one will magically emerge over time, but i cannot think of many, if any, pins that arent listed yet

London Pins said...

Pippin, I think that I have now catalogued all the sponsor pins I know about (thanks to help from lots of readers).

As for commemorative, there are a few still to add to the list, but as we all now now, the full 2,012 will never be available.

Media next - and I reckon I have less than 5% on the catalogue at the moment. I have a list (thanks again to a reader), that I need to convert onto the website).