Wednesday, 13 February 2013

13/2: Pin Trading Lists Up to Date - Sponsor and Internal

At long last, the pin trading lists are as up to date as possible for sponsor and internal pins. All of the additions to the catalogue that have been made since the end of the Games are now reflected in the pin trading lists.

As you can imagine, it's a big update - the sponsor list increased from 269 to 618 pins and the internal list from 105 to 167 pins.

I've tried as far as possible to retain all your wants and offers entries, but as some of the pin references may have changed since before the Games and we found various varieties, I can't guarantee it. Please check your lists and update them as required. Apologies for the extra effort - hopefully it will be minimal.

Click here to access the lists, and if you aren't already signed up and would liek to be a part of it, drop me an email.


Anthony said...

just updated mine with a few wants but lots more offers, please take a look and get in touch if you have any of my wants, thanks

Pippin said...

I think it might be worth everybody checking their "wants" and "offers", as mine appear to have been moved to the next column on the Internal sheet. I'm quite sure that I have all of the ODA pins!

Matthew P said...

Updated with some of my wants and offers.

P.S as these aren't on the lists I'm also offer an IPC Pin and/or INS0006 ( 2014 Puzzle Piece) email me if you want to trade,My Email is in the List

London Pins said...

Thanks to Pippin for sorting out the internal sheet. While updating the lists, I managed to transpose all the wants and offers. Pippin kindly rectified the error as I couldn't get to a computer yesterday.

Pippin said...

Paul, no problem, happy to help!