Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Monday's 3 YTG Launch Event

As well as launching all the new pins on Monday, LOCOG arranged a small event at the Museum of London where they handed over the 3 YTG pin into the museum's Olympic archive.

The photo shows Professor Jack Lohman, Director of the Museum of London (left) accepting a frame of London 2012 pins (including the 3YTG pin) from Mr Jack Chen, CEO of Honav (third from left). The lady in the middle is Anna, LOCOG Licensing Manager. I'm afraid I didn't get the name of the lady on the right, but I believe she is from Honav UK.

The exciting part is that the frame contained the skyline set of pins. It looks like they will be available to buy in due course, maybe as a set. I'm reading between the lines here, so don't take this as gospel. The pins were on general display so there's no speculation on whether they exist now. Remember where you read the rumour first!!

Here's a close up of the pins. Sorry for the poor image, the reflections were hard to work with!

The buildings are
  • Royal Naval College
  • Tower Bridge
  • St Paul's Cathedral
  • Big Ben
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Marble Arch
  • Albert Memorial
  • Kensington Palace
No dates available on when they may be sale or where.

I had a chance to talk to some LOCOG and Honav people. I must say they were all very friendly and supportive and we're keenly aware of the importance of pin collecting. There was a leaflet available, issued by LOCOG, all about pin collecting. I will scan a copy and add to the website. I don't think there's any copyright issues over doing that as the leaflet is free.

There's no hard and fast plans but someone from Honav did mention pin collecting events that they invited 'hard-core' collectors too in the past and it definitely sounded like they would be considering possible events for London 2012. Again it's me interpreting what was said, so no promises.

I did ask if there were any more pins coming out soon (as if 29 on one day wasn't enough) and it seems like there's more to come in the next few weeks. Once again, no dates, but Anna did mention the weather set on her blog (we've had that on the website's rumour list for a week or so) and also teapots. If you consider those sets and the skyline set and look at the gaps in the numbering sequence, I think there's more to come, and I don't think we're going to have to wait until the 2YTG to see them!