Thursday, 10 February 2011

10/2: Stamp Pins

More new pins are coming. This time they are pins of the Olympic stamps issued in 2009. For those of you not aware of Royal Mail's Olympic products, they are producing 30 stamps representing the Olympic and Paralympic sports. They are being issued 10 at a time. 10 in 2009, 10 last year and 10 this year (27th July). Each stamp is designed by a different designer and therefore do not have a common design theme. I don't think everyone will like every stamp, but I think there's something in there for everyone.

Anyway, back to the pins. Nine of the first stamps issued in 2009 have been reproduced as pins which 'count' as part of the 2,012 retail pins. They are available from the Royal Mail and I presume will be available through the official London 2012 shops and online before long.

The pins are printed rather than soft enamel as the detail on most of the images is so fine that enamel would not be suitable for manufacture.

Olympic Stamps - Set 1

The pins are available packaged with a mint stamp of the same design in 9 individual sets. That means you're not obliged to buy all the pins if you have your favourites. I don't know if they are available in any other format (e.g. pins only or all pins in one set), the only products I've heard of so far are the individual pin/stamp sets.

Each stamp and pin set is priced at £7.99 and is available from the Royal Mail. I haven't seen them on their website, however they are available from their telephone order line - 08457 641 641. P&P is £1.45 per order.

The item numbers of the pins are :

NB035-Athletics - Track


MLo said...

think your blog is really interesting with a huge passion. how often do you think limited pins will be circulated till the olympics and is 5000 as an edition alot? i noticed your skyline with the logo to the right was an edition of 20!! how amazing that you have 1!

Paul said...

Hi MLo, thanks for the comments. As there will be 2,012 pins issued and at the moment they've only released around 250, there are still around 1760 to go. Say 250 of those will be issued during the Games themselves, that leaves about 1500 to be issued in the next 74 weeks So on average 20 a week? Based on those numbers, I 'd say the pins will start become issued more regularly and I'd be surprised if there weren't 2 or 3 issues a month soon.
I'd say 5,000 as an edition is average. I don't think we'll see many issues below 2,012 and some up around 10,000-20,000. I personally like the 2,012 issues best. It will make them harder to find and add to the 'collection' aspect.
The Night set you talk about was issued and then removed after a couple of days due to the packaging. There were a few of us lucky enough to snap them up quickly. The number of 20 is only a best guess, but I've been assured by those who know that it's the maximum that may have been issued.

Pinmaster said...

Has anyone ordered any of the stamp pins

Bill said...

I placed my order last week using both the number and reference codes used above. When talking to the salesperson they had no idea what I was talking about. But the reference codes all seemed to work. They have processed my payment but nothing has arrived yet. I'll give them another week

I have checked on their webpage but there is no sign of these products Even using their own reference numbers.

There is no irony at all in that the slowest turnaround that I have encountered to date is with the Royal Mail.

Paul said...

Bill, I think they just need a little more time. Even though I confirmed that the sets were available to order and, like you, managed to place the order, it looks like they haven't got the stock quite ready to dispatch yet.

When I spoke to them earlier in the week, they were working on it, so hopefully it won't be too long. I'll update the blog if I hear anything.

Bill said...

They are certainly dragging their feet over this one. I wouldn't mind if it was delayed if:

A) They had told me about the delay at the time of purchase.

B) Not taken my money immediately.

Bill said...

Long, long update after the event. In the list there was originally an Aquatics Stamp/Pin but it was never sold and has been discontinued. It was originally reference number NB036