Thursday, 24 February 2011

24/2: Logistics and Security Pins

There has been a thread on the forum about an internal ODA pin seen on passengers on the DLR in late January. Here are the pins in question.



These pins are numbered ODA0010 and ODA0011 and measure 31x37mm. No details on how they are distributed, so any readers that have any news they could share would be appreciated.


Pippin said...

All of these pins I have seen to date have been worn by members of the Olympic Park Security and Logistics teams. No surprise there, really! Those I have asked said that they were given their pin at a training session, and I understand that all attendees got one. Nobody seemed to think that they had been singled out for a special award like with other ODA pins. It seems that these are just team pins, so I guess that there hasn't be many more than 100 or so of each pin made.