Thursday, 24 February 2011

24/2: Mascot Guards (Update)

A couple more pictures of the mascot guards due out next Tuesday. This time you can see them on their new style backing cards.

This time the cards are themed to the pin, so Wenlock dressed as a sentry stands in front of  a sentry box and Mandeville dressed as a Beefeater poses in front of the Tower of London. This is the first time we've seen this style of card and I think it sets off the pin very well. There is wording on each card that describes the pin, so if you decide to store the card separately, it will be easy to match card and pin again. Another difference between these cards and previous versions is that they are single thickness and presented in plastic bags rather than the folded cards used to date.

Finally a clarification of the availability I gave you previously. These 2 pins will be available exclusively through the official London 2012 store (online and shops), but only for the first month. From the beginning of April they will be available to all retailers.