Thursday, 3 February 2011

3/2: Mini Union Flag Pin

News today of a new 'mini' logo pin in the Union Flag design available in the next couple of weeks. It's 15mm x 15mm approximately and limited to 500,000 - the largest numbered edition so far.

Mini Union Flag logo pin

No word on retailers or price yet.

Some collectors may remember we saw some fake mini logo pins on eBay a couple of years ago. They seemed to fade away when collectors realised they weren't real. Newer collectors should be careful if the launch of this genuine 'mini' logo pin causes the re-appearence of some fakes.


Anonymous said...

Are we now going to see all the same pins churned out in minature

Pinmaster said...

Mini union flag pin on sale through one of the e-retailers , looks like £5.50 is the price tag not exactly mini prices compared to big brother union flag pin

Bill said...

Spotted at Glamorous Living at £5.50