Friday, 17 June 2011

16/6: New version of Mascot Guards and Packaging

Today sees Wenlock and Mandeville re-appear in their guards uniforms, but a little larger and in new packaging.

Pins 0684 (W) and 0685(M)
These pins are the same mascot poses as pins 0489 and 0502, but are slightly larger - 18x35 mm instead of 15x30 mm for the Mandeville pin as an example.

A new form of packaging has been used for this pair of pins. This time they are not on card but in a 'twin pack' box-set. The box measures 110 x 75 x 25 mm approximately and is branded in the mascot guards images of Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London used for the original pins and the printed versions (0539 and 0542). Those backing cards have been classified as Version 5 cards on the London Pins website. I understand that these pins will not be available individually on card as all have been boxed.

The issue size of these pins is 10,000, so more limited than the 200,000 of the originals and 500,000 of the printed versions. The price of the boxed set is £20. No word on retailers at the time of writing.

Update 17/6: A couple of readers have contacted me about other mascot pins in boxed sets that have appeared on eBay. The only new mascot pins that I am aware have been released at this time are the guards pins shown here. I imagine that other mascot boxed sets may be coming, but at the moment the guards boxed set is the only one officially available.


Pinmaster said...

There is also a boxed set of policemen and a boxed set of mascots in union flag colours