Tuesday, 21 June 2011

21/6: Sponsor News - Eurostar and Airwave

I came across a press release today from Eurostar. It appears the first of 3 pin badges they plan to release has been announced. There was an internal competition to design the pin and the competition was won by the daughter of a Eurostar employee.

Here is a drawing of the pin taken from the press release.

Click here for the official press release.

A reader pointed out a section of the Airwave website aimed specifically to pin collectors.

The page reads...

Airwave is delighted to be a partner of London 2012 but as a tier 3 provider, we are limited in the design scope for Airwave branded London 2012 Pins, which means we are unlikely to produce more than the one design we have, and we will limit the quantity manufactured. The pins we have produced are intended for our employees to promote the Airwave role in London 2012, and as we are bound by the tier 3 rights of our association with the London 2012 Organising Committee we may only use London 2012 pins for internal distribution which prevents us from trading with the general public or the pin trading community.
As there has been in previous Games, there may be an opportunity for you to trade directly with Airwave pin recipients through an official pin trading centre should Airwave employees wish to trade (Airwave will not be setting up or running any such centre/site). However, the Airwave policy is to not serve requests from interested parties directly either before or during Games time. We regret we are unable to help individual collectors but wish you the best of luck in your pin collecting and hope you enjoy London 2012.

It's good to see Airwave explain to pin collectors what we can expect from them and why they cannot send pins. It's a much better solution that those sponsors that do not bother to return emails or letters. There's a glimmer of hope that Airwave employees may trade during the Games at the pin trading centre - here's hoping.

Click here for the statement on the Airwave website.


Pippin said...

Now some of us have two reasons to call in to St Pancras on a regular basis.

Pippin said...

The Airwave statement is almost identical to the e-mail I received from them on Monday.

Acer said...

Airwave was sending a similar reply to me when asking for pins a year ago except that this trading
with employees would be done in conjunction with Honav. That was almost as believable as their most recent statement.

wookie said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one getting knock-backs from everybody.....

pinmaster said...

it seems a few sponsors to their credit have entered into the spirit to sending collectors pins and all credit to those, and they know who they are and we know who they are, the others havent quite got the idea of engaging the public, and what a great marketing opportunity they are missing. However some that wont send them to UK collectors, i know ive tried appear to be happy to send them to North America

wookie said...

Bearing in mind the huge amount that some of the sponsoring companies spend on tv and newspaper advertising, they should see pins as a very cheap way of putting out advertising that will still be out there for years to come, unlike airtime and paper which is seen today and gone tomorrow.
As you say, a great marketing opportunity that may be lost if they don't get their fingers out pretty sharpish.

Acer said...

And then there is the one who won't send pins outside the UK because they say someone put their pins up for sale on ebayusa; guess they never noticed all theirs on ebayuk! I won't mention the sponsors name but they should feel embarassed!