Sunday, 5 June 2011

5/6: Another Sponsor Supports the Pin Meet

Another sponsor has agreed to support our pin meet in July by offering some of their 1 Year To Go pins for attendees.

BT has very kindly offered to let me have some pins to hand out at the meet. No word on numbers, but they will try to send what they can.

To date we now have 13 confirmed attendees and 4 'possibles'. That's over a 100% increase on the 2nd meet, so thank you to all those that have let me know they are coming or might be there.

For those that still aren't sure, you can find details at:

Remember, the first ones to sign up and attend will be able to pick up a Coca-Cola 1 YTG pin and also a BT 1YTG pin (supplies and production timescales permitting). I'm still hoping one more sponsor may be able to sort something out for us too, but more on that if it happens.

Once again, thank you to BT and Coca-Cola for their generous support.