Tuesday, 28 June 2011

28/6: New Mascot Poses

Looks like the official online shop has launched some new mascot pins today. A quick look through the site reveals the following

  • Two individual mascots in Union Flag colours (soft enamel) - £6.50 each
  • A pair of Union Flag mascots (printed) - £7.50 the pair
  • A boxed set of Union Flag mascots (soft enamel) - larger than those above - £20 boxed
Pins 0686 and 0687
  • A boxed set of police mascots (soft enamel) - same size as the boxed Union Flag mascots - £20 boxed
Pins 0828 and 0829
  • The boxed set of mascot guards that was released a week or so ago.

I understand that the London 2012 shops have exclusivity on the Union Flag and police boxed sets for one month. I'm not sure about the pins on card.

At the time of writing, all but the individual Union Flag pins are marked as 'out of stock'


Anonymous said...

The boxed sets are now available on london 2012 shop online nice to see london2012 getting their act together again re availability of pins

Anonymous said...

I agree it's good to see the official shop have something first for a change, but as these are exclusive to them for a month, they'd be hard pushed not to be first this time.

Bill said...

But it's still a shame that other sites have got them to this point by always being quick off the Mark to sell new pins and also keeping their stocks up to date are now being penalised by the shop having exclusive selling rights to pins ahead of them.

Pippin said...

Bill, whilst it is true that they are now at a disadvantage, other retailers have also had exclusive rights in the past, even ahead of the official source. For example, last year the Winter and Spring Flower pins were stocked exclusively by a well know online retailer (for three months, I believe).

Anonymous said...

Pippin, are you sure they had exclusivity? I thought they were the only ones to get their act in gear and stock them. I could be wrong, but I didn't think they were given an advantage, I figured they made it. Happy to be corrected though.

Some like the Royal Parks or MoL have had exclusivity for a while but I figured that was because of the subject matter of the set. Maybe, and I could be wrong, the pins couldn't have been made without their agreement? BA have exclusivity on their guards set too.

I think as more retail pins come out, we'll see more of this.

Pippin said...

Well, I can't be 100% sure, but there's not much we can be that sure of. At the time, I was told that they had exclusivity, and when I asked the London 2012 online shop, I was advised that they couldn't stock the Winter and Spring Flower pins until a certain date (which, from memory, was about three months away). Maybe, I put 2 and 2 together to get 5?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Pippin, I never realised that some of the flowers were restricted for a time. Thanks for setting me straight. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Had confirmation today from an official source that the flower pins were never exclusively offered to any retailer. It was just a matter of a particular retailer ordering certain pins before another. These particular pins were offered to all retailers at the same time.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between printed and enamel anyway? NEW PIN COLLECTOR

Anonymous said...

An enamel pin is essentially 'hand-made' as liquid enamel is 'painted' into areas of the pin formed when the metal based is stamped and formed into the pin base. In the Union Flag mascots above, the silver lines at the edge of the flag sections are metal and the coloured parts of the flag have been painted by a person 'dripping' liquid into the area.

A printed pin is more 'mass-produced' as the image is printed onto the surface of the pin and then covered by the plastic coating.

In my opinion, enamel pins feel like a better quality product and are more expensive due to the extra material and work but printed pins are able to reproduce much smaller detail. A prime example of this are the stamp pins sold by the Royal Mail which reproduce the fine details present on the Olympic Stamps issued in 2009.

Coin Bazaar said...

These box sets are now available from www.coinbazaar.co.uk