Sunday, 13 November 2011

13/11: Get Set Mascots

Earlier this year, LOCOG ran a competition under their Get Set programme for schools to design a look for Wenlock or Mandeville which represented their local community or region. You can read more about the competition here.

Those designs have been turned into pins which will be available from next week.

Pin 1024 - Wales

Pin 1025 - South West

Pin 1026 - Northern Ireland

Pin 1027 - East of England

Pin 1028 - East Midlands

Pin 1029 - Scotland

Pin 1030 - Yorkshire 
Pin 1031 - West Midlands

Pin 1032 - South East

Pin 1033 - London

Pin 1034 - North East

Pin 1035 - North West

Each pin is limited to 50,000 and initially they will be exclusive to John Lewis, no word on price yet.


Acer said...

The LOCOG should let more children design their pins! These are great looking.

Bill said...

Still no sign of them on the website. Has anyone seen then in the shops yet?

Anonymous said...

They are available in John Lewis stores, I have bought one, but it seems that they are only selling them in the correct regions, I could only get hold of the London one in a London store!Do I have to travel to Scotland to get that one?

minicooper67 said...

Just to let you all know for those of you not able to get to London Westfield the get set pins are now available on john lewis web site but be quick theres only 9 of each on there

Bill said...

I've just been informed by John Lewis that my order for a South East pin has been cancelled. The supplier does not know when it will be back in stock again!

Online it's now showing as out of stock