Friday, 11 November 2011

11/11: New ODA Park Pins

On Wednesday, 2 more in the ODA Olympic Park series of pins were released. These pins recognise the Structures, Bridges and Highways (SBH) team.

Pin ODA0029

Pin ODA0030

As with previous ODA Park pins, they come in Olympic and Paralympic varieties and show a cross section through a bridge (I think - Pippin help me out please!). They were issued at a 'Thank You' event on Wednesday. There are a number already on eBay!


Pippin said...


The two SBH pins depict a cross-section through highway bridge H07, which carries the Olympic Park’s south loop road over Warton Road and the Waterworks River. Bridge H07 is located about 250m south of the Aquatics Centre, and 400m east of the Stadium, and it lies parallel to the adjacent Great Eastern railway line. The bridge has two skewed spans of 47m and 52m, each comprising a pair of painted steel box beams composite with a 12m wide reinforced concrete deck.

Now I bet you wish you hadn’t asked !!

Andy Wilkes said...

It's also a cross section of H01, which is part of the Northern Lifeline Road, and was the first bridge put into place on the whole park in Oct 08.