Thursday, 10 November 2011

10/11: All Countdown Pins to be Withdrawn from Sale

Honav have announced this afternoon that next Tuesday (15th November) ALL countdown pins issued to date will be withdrawn from sale. This includes all 'Year To Go' and 'Days To Go' pins and also covers the 'Shard' and mascot versions. Not only will no more be sent to retailers, but also any existing stock that is with the retailers will be returned. This means that if you still want to buy any of the countdown pins issued so far individually, you have until the close of business on Tuesday to get them.

The 3 YTG, 2YTG and 1 YTG 'Peep' pins have already been marked as sold out, but there are still some left with retailers. From next Tuesday, these will be unavailable too.

This is not the last time you'll ever see these pins as I understand that full countdown sets may be available at some later date, presumably once the Games have started and there's nothing left to countdown! But if you need to fill a single gap in your collection, act before next Tuesday.


Anthony said...

paul, any idea if they will be producing the rest of the pins in the countdown series to be purchased singularly? eg will we be able to buy 200 dtg on its own? or are we going to have to wait to buy the whole set?

London Pins said...

My understanding is that all the future pins will be available individually, it's just that you will no longer have the chance to buy the older/existing ones on their own.

It's not the case that the only way to but 200, 100 etc will be in a set.

Sorry if I confused the message

Anthony said...

ok phew! thanks for clearing that up

noel 9 said...

I can understand why these pins are being retired... as it ties in with what I heard about having stocks of various pins available during the Games months to sell from the Special 2012 shop that is planned in central London