Friday, 20 April 2012

19/4: Video on London 2012 Pin Design Team

Looking round the internet for 100 day to go news, I came across this video tonight. It shows Honav, or Huajiang Culture Development Co Ltd. to give it its full name, designing some of the London 2012 pin badges. You can see some of the designs we know and also the Pin Trading hat featured on the blog a few days ago.

The video shows some designers discussing pins and whiteboards with interesting lists! I spotted "Countdown 10-1", "Country shaped pins", Contour Glass", 100 Days Countdown pin set", "Closing Ceremony", "See you next game". Of course these could be old lists or just ideas, but the video makes interesting viewing.

Take a look at


Anthony said...

Interesting that just as the reporter was talking about how much they have learned from their experience in Beijing, the camera was panning down a Sydney 2000 pin of the day Coke bottle!
Intellectual property alert!!!

noel 9 said...

Interest Video.... I heard in the summer that there was to be some London Transport Styled 2012 pins, and the MIND THE GAP Underground Magnet on the white board does seem to nod to that being the case.

But with less than 100 days to go how much merchandising can realistically be issued without being a case of 2012 overload. Pin people will buy pins..... but the rest of the general public still don't seem that interested.

Mikeyboy said...

I really hope the pin lanyard design makes it. Contour glass = forthcoming set of Coke pins? Country-shaped pins = the Floral Emblems set? The 100DTG set we've got, but perhaps there'll be another shard colour for the Paralympic 100DTG?

Nice too to put a face to the person responsible for the dog pins!