Monday, 9 April 2012

9/4: Union Flag Pins

At the last pin meet, a few people were discussing the various varieties of Union Flag pins, so I thought I would compile a list of the versions available to date and the differences between them.

Top Row: 0011, 0419, 0420
Middle Row: 0443, 0621, 0987
Bottom Row: 0702, 0703, 0704

Pin No Manufacture Size Centre spaces

0011 Soft Enamel Regular Cut-through
0419 Soft EnamelLarge Solid
0420 Silk Screen Mini Solid
0443 Soft Enamel/Resin Large Cut-through
0621 Silk Screen Midi Solid
0987 Soft Enamel/Resin Regular Solid
0702 Offset Printed Large Solid
0703 Offset Printed Midi Solid
0704 Offset Printed Mini Solid


Pippin said...

I wonder why there are so many different types and sizes of this pin badge?

Pin 0443 doesn't appear to be "cut through" like pin 0011 and the four standard colour logo pins; it seems more like it has holes through it by accident! This pin is only available in a set, with the white pins 0444 and 0445.

Regular readers will know, of course, but for those that don't, Paul has already described the manufacturing processes in more detail here;

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that the have only released 9 union flag pins I had heard they were doing 50 different sizes

noel 9 said...

Thanks Paul, for letting us see ALL the Union Flag Logos together for the first time. It is nearly 100 days to go.... How Many More Union Flag Logos can we expect to see ? or Want to see in the run up.

What about a Paralympic Union Flag or an all Blue Union Flag like Stella Mc came up with.

Anthony said...

Just found a couple of 443s at the bottom of a bag. If anyone is interested in trading for them, drop me a line :-)

Anonymous said...

I bought badge 0011 from ebay a few years ago, described as been received at the handover party 2008. I was gutted when I lost it and would like to buy the same version again. But theres so many versions now I don't know where from as internet pictures can be misleading.

Anonymous said...

Mr anonymous the one you are looking for I think Is displayed on the small card the old version. The later ones are on the newer larger version. Well mine are and I have 5 different ones.