Wednesday, 25 April 2012

25/4: Logos, Mascots and Hearts (Oh My!)

This week sees the release of a large number of pins covering a few different subjects.


The existing London 2012 logo pins are joined by 8 new varieties...

  • Mini White Olympic
  • Mini White Paralympic
  • Mini Gold Olympic
  • Mini Silver Olympic
  • Mini Bronze Olympic
  • Mini Mirror Olympic
  • Mini Mirror Paralympic
  • Union Flag Paralympic

Pin 1128
Pin 1036


Following on from Mandeville printed sports last week, this time it's Wenlock's turn. There are a full set of sports pins being issued as well as the Wenlock Olympic Torch pin seen at the meet in January. The torch pin is available in both enamel and print versions.

Pin 0552
Pin 1006


Paralympics GB issue two team pins for retail this week, one in the shape of a heart and the other as a star.

Pin 0659
Pin 0657

These pins appear to have a pitted/shiny appearance and seem to come in gold and bronze colours.

All of these pins should appear by the end of the week from your favourite retailers I presume.


Anonymous said...

So where exactly do Honav expect us to find all the cash needed to buy these huge flurries of pins?
Mugging all the overseas visitors maybe?

JN said...

any idea of issue number for the wenlock torch pin?

Anthony said...

Wenclock torch relay pin's code is 2012-1005

Anthony said...

thats the enamel version, which i presume you were after as the printed version's number is on the picture above (1006)

JN said...

sorry typing error, i meant issue size XD

thanks for reply though =]

Mikeyboy said...

Goody! More logo pins - just what I've always wanted. Why didn't they just release 2,012 different versions of logos?!

Acer said...

When are they bringing out the Maxi versions?

noel 9 said...

For something that the public hated when launched, the Logo is much loved these days. I still think that the Strange 1980's shell suit colours in the begining did not help, Reds that look orange, green that looks too much like the blue and the purple/pink I think said little about either the Olympics, London or Britain. BUT when the first Union Jack Logo appeared the 2012 Logo became iconic and easier to understand.

Yes I love these new logos, shame they only re hash what is already issued. I still think that each of the Logos in Olympic Colours would look and sell good. Or as we are told that this is a National Games why not have the Crosses of St George, St Andrew and st Patrick and the welsh Baner Cymru or Y Ddraig Goch or The Red Dragon to you and me. Well its only an idea.

Bill said...

Noel's right, people are taking to the logo. I have just come back from an event where I spotted two people wearing logo pins.

Pippin said...

... and yesterday, two witnesses at the Leverson enquiry were also wearing logo pin badges!

noel 9 said...

Rec'd the new logo pins today along with the Star & Heart

My thoughts Star and Heart far too chunky, especially as these must be targetted not just collectors, but people who may wear them. ( I know its is strange, but I do hear that people do actually wear their pin badges ! ) Still nice pins but less is more.

As for the other Logo pins again some nice and better than others.

The mirror Pins are too chunky and do not work at this size. Too small and too chunky.

The White Mini Logos are good, and work much better than their mini sister union jack logo from a while back. Very Wearable

Finally the The Mini Bronze Silver and Gold are nice, but only the Bronze version really stands out, as its colouring shows the detail off better.

Over all I would recommend buying these pins, and I expect some to sell really well, especially to visitors of London 2012 wanting their bit of the games to take home.

Finally, I got a Wenlock Torch Bearer pin ( metal version not printed) .... ok I am not a fan of the "little Drips" but this is again a nice pin. A must for all official retail pins collectors.

Remember these are my own views on these pins. Do I regret buying any them ? NO . These are nice pins, but some are nicer than others.

wookie said...

That's you 50 or 60 quid poorer then Noel :)

Sleathy said...

So ...anyone got the Torch pin ???

Coin Bazaar said...

The 'Mini' pins are now available at

The Torch Relay pins will be available at the above site on the 17th May 2012.