Friday, 20 April 2012

20/4: New Mascot Scenes and Sports

A new set of pins is now available showing Wenlock and Mandeville in a series of scenes. The first two pins show the mascots against a map of the UK or a map of the London boroughs.

Pin 1013
Pin 1012

The next two show them in their guard/beefeater uniforms standing in front of the appropriate royal residence

Pin 1008
Pin 1007

There are two pins shooing their mascot sports pose, but this time against a background of a boxing ring or basketball court

Pin 1010
Pin 1011

The final pin shows them in what I think is the Abbey Road zebra crossing.

Pin 1009

These are all printed pins and already available online from some retailers.


Anonymous said...

If Honav had brought out nice sports pins from the outset, instead of stupid teapots and weather pins and pictograms that don't even mention London, 2012, or the logo, I might have started collecting retails early on and got hooked on them instead of avoiding them like the plague.