Wednesday, 4 April 2012

4/4: Internal Torch Relay Pin

I spotted an Olympic Torch really pin on eBay today which is advertised as internal to LOCOG.

This pin uses a 'flame' version of the logo over a gold shard with the text 'Moment to shine'. There is no pin number on the back, but it does have TM and manufacturer details which means it mirrors the backstamp of the regional pins.

The auction finishes on Easter Sunday - click here for the eBay link

Thanks to 12e01a68m, for allowing me to use the image


Anonymous said...

Any chance you could post links to my ebay sales in the future too?

London Pins said...

If you have something that we haven't seen before and allow me to use the photograph then yes certainly. Unlike other websites or certain eBay sellers, I will not use an image without asking permission.

If someone is willing to help me share information, then I'm happy to post a link to an auction.