Wednesday, 15 August 2012

15/8: So, How Was it For You?

Now that I've recovered from a fantastic Olympic Games and man-flu, I thought I'd put together a quick review of my perceptions of the pins and pin trading during the Games. Please remember, this is only a quick round up of what I saw and hopefully over the next few weeks I will be able to pull together details of most of the pins that were around.

Firstly I start by apologising for the lack of news updates and tweets during the Games. I had intended to track what was new day-by-day and publish the information for the benefit of those who were at the venues and those who couldn't make it. Even though experienced collectors had warned me of the frantic activity that would be seen, I never dreamed that the days would be quite so tiring and leave so little time to post. Between going to events with my family (and we were very lucky to see some fantastic sports), pin trading and travelling I never seemed to have the time to collate and post what was happening. Looking at the forum though it seems that people were sharing news where they could.

Anyway, my overriding memory of pin trading during the Games was how much I enjoyed meeting and talking to members of the public who had never seen pin trading before. I made a conscious decision on the first day that if I was going to enjoy my trading, then I needed to keep away from those that were seeking to gather pins to sell. It seemed to me that some 'collectors' were there with a different motive than me and a different attitude toward those that had pins. Once I appreciated that, and avoided them, I had a great time. Did I get as many pins as some - no, did I get all the hard to get ones - no, did I make some duff trades where I gave too much away - yes, did I have a great time and fulfil my original objectives - absolutely. To all those that came to my table and traded or just said 'hello' - thank you, I hope your enjoyed our brief meeting as much as I did.

As for the pins, it seemed that some companies really pushed the boat out with lots of great pins that their staff and guests were happy to trade. Dow is probably worthy of a mention with some great 'in-demand' pins such as the submarine pin, weather pin and the Hopiary pins. Visa had lots of new designs, however thier representatives were a little reluctant to trade. Lloyds and EDF kept up their excellent track record with new pins. There were new pins from Ticketmaster, Cadbury's, GlaxoSmithKline, UPS, Coca-Cola, Airwave and lots more.

There were a bunch of media pins as well as masses of NOC pins too.

I plan to reach out to collectors to gather information on as many pins as possible and update the website with the details. Please bear with me over the next weeks and months as I carry out this task and in the end we'll have a full catalogue of the London 2012 pins.

I plan to set up some more pin meets before Christmas to try and keep all those that want to continue their collecting in touch with each other and see if we can keep the momentum going.

It will all kick off again in a couple of weeks for the Paralympics so there's no chance to rest just yet.


DJ said...

Glad to hear you had a great time, and while i wasn't able to visit the olympic park myself, i had a fantastic day in Central London too during the women's marathon. That allowed me to gather a nice haul of pins (from the hyde park 2012 & cola shops/john lewis/BT london live) in the process (though sadly, the only sponsor pins i was able to get hold of was a couple of samsung ones).

Looking forward now to seeing what you've been able to gather up anyhow, as i'm sure you've been able to find all sorts of unusual ones.

DB said...

As an Australian pin collector I have to tell you what a great time I had. I had managed to get a few cheap tickets so had eight or nine days at Olympic park both inside and outside the Coke centre.
I don't have a single negative comment about the Games (except maybe the Aussie medal count) The police, army, volunteers and public were magic. Pin collecting was a little slow to take off but eventually came good. Even the weather was kind.
I am now home with a mixed collection of 500/600 London pins (which will not be up on ebay)
Most of all I have a brain full of great memories of the trading and the people.
For most people this will be their one and only Olympics, please remember the positives and treasure the fact that you were there.

noel 9 said...

I must thank Paul for helping me and alot others to play a part of London 2012. Your contacts started the Coke Ball rolling which ended up with me having the wonderful opportunity to get inside the Olympic Village to trade.

I know how disappointed you were with some of the horrible goings on with some of the Pin traders... Many of who SHOULD have known better, but as they say "there is nowt a queer as folk " and some times wishing that others adopt the same morals as ourselves is at times an up hill battle, that can never be won.

The message of the games was to inspire a generation, and I do hope that most of us Pin Traders did our best to do this by helping others understand and enjoy our little hobby. I would like to finish by saying this.... For what ever reason you collect Pin Badges, be it Friendship, Fame, Financial reward, or some strange Fetish...... remember Pin Collecting should be about having FUN. ( Not a chance to fleece the other guy )

This really is the last word.....

The First Half of this experiance is now finished,
All is left is to count the Pin Badges and the Cost.
I hope you have all had a good 2012Olympics,
and have made more friends than you may have lost.

Two weeks until we all do it again,
At the place that was once the Olympic Park,
Here is hoping you all have a good time trading,
in the place the paralympians hope to make their mark.

Two weeks until we get back on the roundabout,
and begin to trade with the public once more,
But if you DO promise to trade for Coca cola ,
Do it from the INSIDE, Not OUTSIDE the Door.

Anthony said...

can we do both please mr noel?

i need to get the top half of my arms as brown as the lower half!

noel 9 said...

And the Back of your Neck that was covered by your Lanyard holding your COKE accreditation !

Anthony said...

ouch, that hurt! (the comment, not the sunburn)

in my defence, i did do 11 shifts in the coke centre, anyone else do more?

molon said...

I have had the most wonderful time over the last 6 weeks or so. Unfortunately on account of my Games Maker shift pattern, I had to pull out of the CC Pin Trading activity 9apart from the first Saturday at Hyde Park) ... boo hoo !
On the plus side, being based in the Village was one helluva experience ! As some of you know, I love my NOC pins, and I was able to add a large number of London 2012 pins (both dated and undated) to my collection. Got mugged (in a happy, joyous way) by some Chinese athletes in the first week. They love to trade ... but that's another story.
Looking forward to our next pin meet when hopefully I'll be able to trade some of my doubles for those I didn't manage to get. Meantime, looking forward to the Paralympics and another few weeks of volunteering.

noel 9 said...

I still love you Anthony, Sun Burn and all. I would have done more trading but with all the time spent Games Making at the Aquatics Centre time was a factor. Plus seeing events for free inside the venue was too a factor. (But not that common I must confess !)

BUT saying that, I did manage to do at least one trade daily at Coke... on may way home each day... this trade was more than likely done Stood standing next door to the Master with the Sun Burn outside. Who did help me obtain one or two gems.

What people may not know is the "Sharks" were located not just outside, but inside the trading centres also..... and whilst not everyone inside was a "good" trader, not all those on the outside were "Bad" either.

Here is looking forward to round two. Bring plently of pins, sun cream, and your favourite brand of shark replellent.... and remember don't forget the most important thing...... YOUR SMILE.... and a sense of humour as well.

wookie said...

I don't think w'll need much shark repellent this time round Noel, most of them have swum off to warmer waters to log on to their eBay accounts :)

Acer said...

You are correct; most of them have gone home to sell their stuff on Ebay. Still a few will be there till the end of the Paralympics and for one reason. They still have more crap to try and get rid of to unsuspecting buyers.

Al Falcao said...

Paul, what a pleasure it was to meet you even though it was only for a few moments! It was also great meeting all the GB based collectors whom I have traded with in recent months. Great bunch of guys!

London 2012 was my 12th Olympics and ranks up at the top! It will be difficult for any other country to match London’s perfection, attention to detail, and, stellar performance in every aspect of the Olympics!

Of course, I enjoyed trading pins daily for a fortnight and have many wants to fill and traders to offer. So, to your readers, hurry up and get in touch before they’re all gone!

Paul, thank you for providing us with a wonderful website which will remain our bible on London 2012 pins for a long time to come!