Thursday, 30 August 2012

30/8: Paralympic Sports Poses

Following on from the range of sports pose pins available for the Olympics, London 2012 has issued a range for the Paralympics too.

The pins available (in the Olympic Park stores) were...

Athletics - Sprint
Athletics - Sprint (Visually Impaired with Guide Runner)
Athletics - Wheelchair Racing
Athletics - Shot
Athletics - Discus
Athletics - Javelin
Athletics - Long Jump
Atheltics - High Jump
Wheelchair Rugby
Wheelchair Tennis
5-a-side Football
7-a-side Football
Wheelchair Fencing
Wheelchair Basketball
Wheelchair Archery
Road Cycling
Track Cycling
Table Tennis

Apologies for the descriptions - they are mine and not whats printed on the pins!

I could not find pins for Sitting Volleyball or Powerlifiting although I imagine they must exist.

It looks like each pin is limited to 2,012 pieces.

There are also two new 'Venue Collection' pins relating to the Paralympics

Pins 1091 and 1094
These pins combine the ParalympicsGB logo and the Agitos and mirror those issued for the Olympics. These pins are limited to 3,000 (blue)  and 5,000 (gold) pieces.


Dean said...

Was looking for a sitting volleyball pin the other day within the Olympic park shop and was told by a shop assistant they have never had that one in stock!

mikeyboy said...

Yeah, that's right. I've been in the park everyday and not yet seen one.

Anonymous said...

Was at Excel yesterday and didn't spot the Sitting Volleyball or Powerlifting pins anywhere. Wonder if the pins have been released yet.

wookie said...

None in the Athletes Village either

skowrop said...

Hi , what is the price for olympic venue pin badge in olympic park? I have tickets for whole saturday 8th of Sep to the athletics stadium (morning and evenign session), but can not come to London unfortunatelly. Actually I am in Warsaw.

Anonymous said...

I was at Excel on Sunday and was told by the shop in the Sitting Volleyball arena that they have never had any. I was a bit disappointed as I quite enjoyed watching the sitting volleyball.

Mikeyboy said...

For those who haven't yet heard the news, Paralympic Powerlifting pin was on sale in the OP Megastore as of yesterday morning.

Also, a new six-pin boxed set of Olympic Sailing sports pose pins has appeared (as it has just "surfaced", in keeping with the maritime theme I will refer to this the "submarine set").

Anonymous said...

Could anyone tell me how many pins are in the Paralympic venues set. I am trying to set the whole set but keeping seeing different ones

Mikeyboy said...

I have 27 so far. Sitting Volleyball is conspicuous by its absence, and I assume that's all I'm missing.

HOWEVER...looking at the backstamp numbers there are two missing pins in the sequence. One will be the S.Volleyball, but what might the other be? Of course, it mightn't actually be a Sports Pose pin, but the gap falls in between the 8 known (so far) Paralympic Athletics pins.

The 8 Athletics pins I've seen so far are: Wheelchair, Blade Runner, Blind Runner, Long Jump, High Jump, Clubs, Discus, and Shot Put.

If anyone sees anything different, shout! I'm wondering if there is also supposed to be a Javelin pose...

Mikeyboy said...

UPDATE: It IS a Javelin pin, so there must be 29 in total.

Anonymous said...

I have 29 so I am guessing number 30 must be the sitting volleyball.

Anonymous said...

So what do you have that's not in Paul's list above, other than Powerlifting and Athletics Clubs?

Anonymous said...

Sitting Volleyball pin was in the OP megastore last night. Timing of release of these pins has been strange at best!

Anonymous said...

Strange! Insane more like. If you go to the Excel Arena to actually see the sitting volleyball when and where the sitting volleyball is actually happening you can't get one but if you go to the Olympic Park after the sitting volleyball is all over you can!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant I have 28 pins and sitting volleyball makes 29. It's so unfair unless you go to the Olympic park everyday the only way to complete your collection is eBay at massively overinflated prices. And if you only need a few to complete the set you would prob pay them. I am trying to restrane from paying 30 quid to a greedy beater for the volleyball pin

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of sitting volleyball and powerlifting pins. I would prefer to trade rather than putting them on ebay! I am looking for Olympic ceremony pins (including coca cola ones) or from this set mentioned: Paralympic swimming, goalball, road cycling, wheelchair basketball or 7 a side football. I'm just waiting for my forum id to be approved, so will have my contact details on there very soon, but just thought I'd mention it to save anyone from forking out on ebay just yet!

Anonymous said...

I could swap an opening ceremony Paralympic pin for the sitting volleyball if that would help