Thursday, 16 August 2012

16/8: Coca-Cola Pin of the Day Set

For those of you that have not had a chance to see the Coke Pin of the Day set, here it is.

The 17 pins are presented in a black frame along with the completer 'bottle-top' pin only available in the set.

The frame measures approximately 55x33cm and is presented in a black box which is lined and padded. Each set is numbered and there are 750 sets in total.


Anthony said...

It's a beauty!!

Credit where it's due, Coke made some amazing pins for this Olympics.

In my opinion, they were trumped only by the Dow pins. Can't get enough of the Yellow Submarine, and the London weather didnt fail to raise at least a smile to everyone i showed it to

Anonymous said...

These were flying of the shelves last night before the paralympics closing ceremony at the 2012 shop. They reduced the price from £274.80 to £137.40! Managed to get one before they all went.