Tuesday, 28 August 2012

28/8: Website Updates

I know I've been a bit slow with the updates since the Olympic Games ended, but I have made the first update to the catalogue today.

It's not as full and update as I would have liked, but to be honest with so many new pins, I thought it was better to make some updates and then fill in details later.

Sports Pose pins added to the catalogue

The commemorative section has been updated with many sets but only contains numbers, names and issue sizes. Pictures and backstamp details etc. will follow.

The ranges added are

Sports Poses
Venue Specific Pins
Pin of the Day
Days of the Games

Pride Sports
Street Names
Chalk Hills
and more.

The updates are spread throughout the higher pin numbers, so take a look at those pages or
at the following themed pages. These cover most of the updates


Venue Sports Logo pins added to the catalogue

I have also updated the grid pages too, but as a number of the pins do not have images yet, they may not show on the grids.

Bear with me, we will get there!

Thanks to Mike B for lots of help with the details of the commemorative pins.

As for sponsor pins, there are now updates for

Thames Water

More to come.


Adam said...

Nice work. Just out of interest, how many of the 2,012 designs do you reckon are yet to be released? Various daily Paralympic ones of course, but are we down to the last hundred or so by now?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update about the sports poses. Only 2012 - explains why they are so hot on Ebay. I actually bought a dozen of the Athletics pose on the first day at the stadium. The guy thought he misheard me. I wish I'd bought a lot more now ;o)

Mikeyboy said...

Hi Anon. Don't suppose you have a spare Athletics pose? I bought the big Athletics box set, and didn't spot that, for some inexplicable reason, it doesn't contain the "runner" pose!

Anonymous said...

I managed to get some of the basketball pictograms (as shown) yesterday in a bargain bin (3 for £10)! Really nice pin too ;o)