Wednesday, 22 August 2012

22/8: Request for Information

I'm now working on the hundreds of catalogue updates for the pins that came out during the Games and I would like your help please.

I have quite a few retail, sponsor and internal pins that I picked up over the Games, but I know there are lots that readers will have that I do not. So, if you would like to help out with the catalogue, could you please send me a list of the pins you think I should add to the lists.

I know I'm going to get duplicate information, but it's worth it to try and find all the pins that we have between us. At the moment I'm just looking for references, descriptions and pin sizes - photos will come later if you can help me.

So, if you can, please list the pins you know about on a spreadsheet - one column for the reference on the back of the pin and one column for a description of the pin - please keep it as short but as descriptive as possible, and one for the size of the pin in millimetres (width and then height).

Send your lists to please. I can't promise to acknowledge everyone immediately, but I'll work through all the details and get back to you if I need more information such as backstamp or card information.

Thanks everyone.


Mikeyboy said...

More spreadsheets to follow! Keep an eye on your inbox tonight!

Anonymous said...

Would you like details of the Sessions pins awarded to volunteers?

London Pins said...

Anonymous - yes please, Photos and backstamp details too if possible please. Thank you.

DJ said...

Sent a spreadsheet earlier today, not sure if it's of any help, but thought i'd give it a shot anyways.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I couldn't find the Olympic Venue Collection pins on your site anywhere? The ones depicting the sports image, and the venue and date range. Do you just not have any info on these? Cheers - John