Friday, 13 May 2011

13/5: Mascot Sports, Father's Day & Union Flag Pins

It's a busy day for new pins today.

Firstly, Mandeville appears on 4 new pins trying out 4 Paralympic sports. The pins show him cycling, fencing, playing basketball and football. Hopefully these are just the first of lots more with Wenlock and Mandeville trying out Olympic and paralympic events.

Pin 0492

Pin 0493

Pin 0494

Pin 0495

Each pin is limited to 10,000 pieces. No word on price or retailers, but I imagine Glamorous Living will have it soon along with Pins & Things.

Next, with Father's Day approaching on Sunday 19th June, London 2012 have released a pin to celebrate the day.

Pin 0578
This pin is limited to 2,012 pieces. Again no word on price or retailers, but check out the usual suspects!

Finally for today, a new version of the Union Flag pin. 

This one is 'medium-sized' and sits between the original Union flag pin and the more recent 'mini' pin.

Pin 0621
This pin is 'limited' to 1,000,000 pieces. Yes that's correct 1 million, so expect to see this listed on eBay as 'rare' very soon!

The pin is 20x23mm, so not hugely different from the original. With an issue size this big, I imagine this isn't for collectors but rather the mass market and hopefully will be readily available on high street. With any luck, this will get London 2012 pins out to a wider audience.


Pippin said...

The new "medium-sized" Union Flag pin looks very much like the one you blogged about on 23rd June 2009. At 20 x 23mm, it is even exactly the same size!

Paul said...

Pippin, you're absolutely correct. This pin is also 'filled' in the gaps between the digit like the one back in 2009.
The difference is the backstamp (and this one is official!)

Acer said...

The Fathers Day pin is quite amazing! I hope that my grand kids get me one. lol

Bill said...

Just received my union pin and noticed that the card has the dotted outline where the number in the edition should go but mine is blank.