Wednesday, 4 May 2011

4/5: Partner Pin Round-Up (Updated Image)

I've been a bit quiet the last few days, but eBay has been busy with partner/sponsor pins. Here's a round-up of some partner pin details...

A few days ago an eBay seller put 3 BP pins up for sale. These pins had the same shape and look as the Open Weekend ones from last year and the more recent green/paralympic pins that have been seen.

The main 'difference' of these 3 new pins was the coloured flash below the 'official partner' wording.

The backs of the pins are also different from anything we've seen before.

Each pin has 3 separate sections on the back. The top section on each pin has either the dates '2009-2010', '2010-2011' or '2011-2012'. I think this indicates the years for which the pin has been awarded.

The central section appears to have a pattern of interlocking circles of varying diameters - not sure if this is some internal BP logo or reminiscent of the Olympic Rings (?). There are also the words 'Beacon Awards' - I presume some internal scheme run within BP?

The bottom section has the reference details '® © LOCOG 2011 BP BP0015 HONAV' on the first pin and BP0016 or BP0017 on the other 2 pins.

I can not get any details on issue size or rarity for these pins.

Images reproduced with permission

British Airways
Last week a silver BA pin (BA0001) came up for sale - it raised a high price being the first one we have seen. 

Now, at the time of writing, 9 more have come out of hiding. I presume these are a staff only pin which are now finding their way to eBay. I imagine, like BMW and Thomas Cook, the prices will start to fall as buyers realise there are a few for sale.

Today a new GE pin came to light. No pictures of this one, but it's been described as being the same as GE0001 but smaller.

This pin is measured as 34mmx17mm, so slightly smaller than the first one. But, the more interesting fact is that this one has been produced by Aminco. It has an official stamp on the back and was received from an official source. It is not supplied on card this time, but in a plastic bag.


Paul said...

Ok, what happened to all the BA pins? Nine for sale yesterday and now one!
Bids have been cancelled and items removed.

Bill said...

Perhaps there was some pressure exerted from BA for their withdrawl although I can't see how if they were in private possession!

Were the pins issued for a particular reason that would provide BA with an excuse to warn off their employees from selling them on Ebay?

The fact that they were for internal circulation only doesn't seem to have affected the supply of BMW/Cowley mini pins.

I suspect that it's something to do with BA's copyright police exerting pressure for their withdrawl via Ebay, but that would not explain the one remaining example that's left as I would expect all of them to be withdrawn.

Pippin said...

I've just Googled "BP" and "Beacon", and there is plenty of information to be read. One web-site, "The Team", explains the thinking behind the rings, which adorn all Beacon materials. The pins appear to be awarded to BP suppliers and partners for excellence in sales and marketing.

Pippin said...

When I purchased my Mini pin, the seller told me that he had just received an internal memo from BMW HR warning staff that they were not permitted to sell company property for personal gain. I guess that BA have taken a similar stance.

The lone pin may already be in private hands, so the seller would not be subject to company rules.

Bill said...

While I'm not exactly happy about some of the outrageous prices that are being offered for some of these pins, By the suppliers restricting the numbers that come onto the Market, also runs the risk of constricting the Market and consequently pushing up the prices because of their increased rarity once they eventually do make their way onto the market.