Monday, 23 May 2011

24/5: Seaside Pins

The series of pins depicting British Life continue this week with 8 pins on the subject of 'The Seaside'.

The pins are pictured below and show some typical seaside subjects such as ice cream and sandcastles.

Pin 0461 - Beach Hut

Pin 0462 - Deck Chair

Pin 0463 - Helter Skelter

Pin 0464 - Ice Cream

Pin 0465 - Parasol and Flip-Flops

Pin 0466 - Punch & Judy

Pin 0467 - Sandcastle

Pin 0468 - Sticks of Rock

The pins are available individually on card or as a boxed set. Prices for the pins are £6.50 individually or £55 for the boxed set. No word on retailers, but I imagine Glamorous Living and Pins & Things will be quick off the mark.


Bill said...

As mentioned by Paul, a box set is also available. Although not referred to on the Glamorous Trading site, they will supply the boxed version providing that you don't mind a delay of a couple of days.

Pinmaster said...

Very nice set

minicooper67 said...

My set arrived today any indication yet on number of sets totally agree with pinmaster a lovely looking set of pins now looking forward to the bridges on the thames set should be good.

Paul said...

MiniCooper67 - the number of sets produced (so far) is 500.