Wednesday, 18 May 2011

18/5: Pin Meet - Sponsor Support

I'm very pleased to announce that two sponsors have responded positively to my request to support our pin meet in July.

Coca-Cola have offered a 1 Year To Go pin to the first 25 collectors to sign-up and attend the pin meet on July 23rd in Stratford. There will also be some 500 day to go pins on offer. Not only that, but a senior member of their 2012 team may be attending to listen to collectors first hand. Remember that Coca-Cola are THE pin trading people at the Games, so I really appreciate this offer to come along and talk with us. Thank you Coca-Cola.

I'm still talking to the other sponsor, so do not want to promise anything at the moment, suffice to say they were very encouraging and also hope to attend if possible.

To date I have 6 definite attendees for the event, namely Bonwusah, Matthew, Wookie, Pippin, piscean62 and myself. If you plan to attend and are not on the list, please drop me an email to
I would encourage anyone out there who reads the blog or uses the website who may be tempted to try pin-trading to join us. Even if you don't make any trades, you'll still end up with a pin just for being there!

Details can be found at

Thanks once again to Coca-Cola for their support, I'm sure we all appreciate it.


noel 9 said...

wishing you well for the pin meet, I have my nieces 18th on the same day, so I do not think that I will be able to attend, BUT knowing what Teenagers are like, I may be able to pop down to see you all.

Best Wishes Noel 9

Acer said...

Congrats on getting Coca-Cola to support your Pin Meet in July; hopefully one or two others will come on board. Coca-Cola is one sponsor that really gets it!

Pippin said...

Well done Paul, I'm really looking forward to this one.

wookie said...

Great stuff!
Can't wait to get there - thanks as always for your efforts Paul

bryanc20 said...

How frustrating is this? I am actually in London on July 23rd (my birthday !!) BUT I have tickets to see a show in the afternoon with my wife, daughter & grand-daughter. I doubt they would want to come along to a pin meet !!!
Hope the event goes well

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid - but I think I will not make it to the pin meet since I do not live in the UK. Timo

Pinmaster said...

Count me in, it will be great to see some new faces, you really need to go if you can the first 2 were great opportunities to talk about what's we like, whats on the grapevine, see everyone's collections and do some trades. Pauls found a great location and very accommodating landlord and landlady