Friday, 20 May 2011

20/5: New Version of GE Pin

You may have seen a smaller version of the original GE pin on eBay recently. Here's a comparison of the latest pin and the original.

Original GE Pin (top) and latest version (below)

The original pin measures 38x21 whereas the new one is 35x20. The new one is made by Aminco rather than Honav like the original and has one pin on the back rather than two like the original.


Pippin said...

I presume that "two pins on the back" refers to the clasps? My Honav pin (which I have had for about three months) has two. So is my pin authentic?

Paul said...

Sorry Pippin, my mistake with the post. The original has 2 and the new pin one pin and clasp.

Original post updated. That's what happens when you try and post in a hurry late on a Friday night!!

Acer said...

The new pin has a cleaner look to it but I still don't see the point of it!