Friday, 6 May 2011

6/5: Mascot Birthday Pins

Wenlock and Mandeville will be 1 year old soon and to celebrate, London 2012 have released 3 new pins.

The first two come as a set with the mascots running on a rainbow with the relevant Games logo as a dangler.

Pin 0623

Pin 0624

The set is priced at £25 and is limited to 2,012 pieces. It should be available from Monday 9th May and is already on pre-order at Glamorous Living.

This set comes with an information card

The 3rd pin is a larger-than-normal pin and shows M & W with a birthday cake and a rainbow

Pin 0625

This one is limited to 3,000 pieces and is priced at £10. Availability and pre-order as for the set above.


Pinmaster said...

Can anyone else see the pirates face in the bottom mascots pin

Bill said...

It's good that they have used a bit of imagination with this pin at least. As Pinmaster pointed out the two mascots also makes a pirates face, very clever. More pins like this please.

Bill said...

I notice that the 2 birthday pins come with an information card. Does this mean that they are not boxed?

Pippin said...

Good spot, Pinmaster!

Bill, I guess the information card means that the pins are boxed; this was the case when the mascots were launched.

With only 2,012 sets available, I wonder how many the London 2012 Online Shop will have?

Anonymous said...

They are boxed! They are in a blue box with a black lid. They have a limited edition card inside saying which number the set is. Nice pins as well