Sunday, 10 July 2011

10/7: New Internal Pins

Some of you may have noticed some additions to the internal catalogue over the past few days, as there have been a few new LOCOG and ODA pins spotted. For those that haven't, here's a round-up.

From LOCOG come 2 pins from the Rate Card team. For those that don't know, when visiting media and NOCs attend the Games they can order items such as office equipment or electrical appliances that they need. The rate card team fulfil those orders (I think that's it anyway!). Hence the rate card pins show Wenlock and Mandeville with a shopping trolley - obviously collecting items for an order.

Pin LOC0012

Pin LOC 0013

The next pin from LOCOG is too mark the second Licensing and Retail workshop that took place last month. Not sure of the significance of the tour bus though, maybe the delegates were taken on a park tour?

Pin LOC0014

Next from the ODA comes two pins (one logo and one Paralympic logo) of the Olympic Stadium. These are the latest in the 'Great Team Effort' pins given to workers in the park.

Pin ODA0013

Finally 2 'Arts and Culture' pins (with logo and Paralympic logo versions) to recognise the pieces of art being installed in the park I think.

Pin ODA0024