Sunday, 3 July 2011

3/7: Another Sponsor Agrees to Support the Pin Meet

I'm pleased to say that EDF have kindly agreed to support the pin meet in July with the offer of a pin for a number of attendees. I do not know which pin they will be able to offer or the number we may get, however I have given them the number of confirmed attendees and I think they will do their best to make sure there's something for everyone.

Thank you to EDF for their very kind offer, I'm sure all the pin collectors who plan to attend will be very grateful for their support.

I have one more sponsor that I'm talking to, so news of that if it happens.

So just to remind you, at the moment, we have support from Coca Cola, BT and now EDF.


wookie said...

That's good news - well done Paul!

Pippin said...

Well done Paul, you've come up trumps again! The great thing about sponsorship like this, is that new collectors could arrive with nothing to trade, yet still leave with three new pins in their collections.

Jordan D said...

Paul - best of luck for this weekend; was very pleased to have been able to supported this site in the early days and a shame that family commitments elsewhere in the country (the South West) mean I'm not there to support tomorrow's event and meet other pin traders. Best of luck.