Friday, 8 July 2011

8/7: 1 Year To Go Pins Become Rarest To Date

There has been a change to the issue size of two of the 1 Year To Go Pins that now makes them the rarest retail pin issued to date.

The mascot 'peep' pins were originally to be issued as 5,000 pieces each - click here for the original post. However today I have been informed that the 'peep pins, shown below, will not exceed 1,000 pieces each. This makes these pins the smallest issue size for a commemorative pin so far.

As I've mentioned before, the 3 and 2 year to go pins were limited to 3,000 pieces each and sold out within 2 weeks of launch, so I wonder if these will be snapped up quickly.


Anonymous said...

Got these today, u sure they are 1000 as they say 5000 on the packaging

Anonymous said...

yeah, are you sure? mine arrived today, both with limited to 5000 stickers on the front, it even says 5000 on the back of the pins

London Pins said...

Yes, although the packaging and the backstamp says 5,000, the manufacturer has confirmed that there will be no more than 1,000 of each produced.

Anonymous said...

ahh okie dokie, didnt mean to seem i was doubting just a bit surprised, did they give any reason why its only 1,000? was there a problem during manufacturing?

Anonymous said...

Hi, no worries!

No. No reason given for the smaller number, just the fact it's happening.