Tuesday, 26 July 2011

26/7: First Media Pin Issued

Next, what is probably the first media pin officially released in connection with the London 2012 Games. Just in case anyone mentions the CTV pin which appeared on eBay - my belief is that the pin was never officially issued. This pin comes from 'insidethegames.biz' who are a media company that reports the latest news form the Olympics and Paralympics.

I should declare an interest at this point! As some of you know elements of my website and this news blog are published under the 'insidegamescollecting.biz' banner, so whilst I have not accepted money for this post, I did get a free pin!

Anyway, the pin is issued on a card and as you can see is limited to 365 pieces. Whilst it doesn't contain the logo or 'London 2012' words, the organisation is an Olympic accredited media company and part of the Olympic family and therefore probably should be recognised as the first media pin of the Games.


wookie said...

Damn! I saw one of those and with my poor eyesight thought it was one of the 2011 convention issues!