Wednesday, 6 July 2011

6/7: One Year To Go Pins Released

The 1 year to go pins have been announced today and there are 5 in all - the traditional 'shard' countdown pin and 4 mascot pins. As expected, the shard pin is green and follows the colour sequence of the annual countdown pins that was used in the original logo pins - pink orange, blue and green. The issue size for the shard pin is 5,000 which is the same as the 4 year to go pin. The 3 year and 2 year pins were limited to 3,000 and both of these pins have sold out.

Pin 0605 - 1 YTG Shard

Pin 0627 - Wenlock and 1 YTG Flag

Pin 0628 - Mandeville and 1 YTG Flag

Pin 0629 - Wenlock and 1 YTG Sign

Pin 0630 - Mandeville and 1 YTG Sign

Each will be available before the 1 year to go day on 27th July and the issue sizes are 5,000 for the shard and 'head' pins and 10,000 for the 'flag' pins. Prices are £6.50 for the shard and 'flag' pins and £6 for the 'head' pins.